This guide expectation to go into detail how battle mechanics really operate in Evony. Just after undergoing this you should have an even better understanding of the particular mechanics as well as, as a result, will need to cover the cost of better options pertaining to combat.

Primary rules of battle mechanics :

1) The particular entire battleground is dependent upon a long selection on the devices present (base, devoid of bonus) + 200. In the event archers are classified as the longest selection component present, their particular basic selection is actually 1200 – include 200 along with the battleground is actually 1400 yards.

2) Every single spherical begins with System Movement, next Unit Battle, next Fortification Battle

3) Troop Movement is actually done in obtain from the easiest component about the field, lower for the slowest – unrelated associated with are you going to lightweight on. In the event not one but two edges employ a tie, the particular defensive player goes first.

4) Systems don’t go should they have a new concentrate on throughout selection at the beginning of their particular movements

5) If attacking, melee devices (Pikes, Swords, Scouts, Enthusiast, Staff, Cavalry, Cataphract, Rams) attack whatever is within selection first. In the event several locates will be in selection, they attack the concentrate on using the Largest Total Attack Value

6) If attacking, ranged devices (ATs, Trebuchets, Archers, Ballistae, Catapults) attack other ranged devices first. In the event several ranged devices will be in selection, they attack ATs first, then an concentrate on using the Largest Total Attack Value. In the event not any ranged devices will be in selection of any ranged component, they are going to then attack the FASTEST melee unit.

7) Scouts for crime will remain at the back of the particular battleground and not go right until you don’t see any some other devices left for their facet at which point they will start shifting as well as attacking

8) Scouts on defense will not attack or go the particular whole battle

9) 1 Troop Type traffic 1 Troop Type every round. Archers will probably never shoot at several troop sort each spherical, to get example.